SAN DIEGO — Life gets pretty hectic for Westview senior Alyssa Fousek, who juggles being a cheerleader, member of student council and president of a leadership program.

She also coaches and competes in figure skating, all in the hopes of taking her talents to the college level.

Since she was 10, Fousek was on the ice. Over the years, figure skating became more than just a passion. 

“My strongest friendships have been built through skating. My biggest mentors, I can say that I look up to are through skating. My whole life and extracurriculars lean through this,” Fousek said.

During the week, she wakes up at six to practice her skating skills at San Diego Ice Arena.

At school, she’s a cheerleader, a part of the student senate and president of the Link Crew Program. 

“I’ve definitely used my leadership skills through skating and kind of paid it forward — used it in a sense for this link crew program,” Fousek said. 

Once class is over, she works at Rady Children’s Ice Rink.

“It’s allowed me to become a coach which is the most incredible opportunity I’ve had. I love working with kids,” Fousek said.

Fousek finds balance in her life through her friends, family and coach Connie Turner.

“Every moment in my life she’s been by my side, any hardship that I’ve gone through, she’s always a phone call away,” Fousek said.

With Fousek by her side, Coach Turner put together the only theatre ice team in San Diego.

“The best way to describe theatre on ice is to think Disney on Ice,” Fousek said.

They recently traveled to a national competition in Kansas taking sixth place.

Fousek doesn’t regret a moment spent completing her busy schedule.

“It’s been an interesting seven years, filled with a lot of stuff, but I wouldn’t change it,” Fousek said.