SAN DIEGO — Olivia Davis is only a freshman at Monte Vista High School and she already has won two wrestling tournaments.

What’s crazy is that she just started the sport.

“I started wrestling two years ago. I didn’t really like it when I started, but I joined my club a year ago and that’s when I found I loved it,” Davis said.

For Davis, it’s all about family. Her older brother was a California Interscholastic Federation champion at Monte Vista, saying her dad has been with her every step of the way.

“My biggest supporter ever is my dad. He takes me everywhere, he pays for everything. And then my grandma, she wanted me to shout her out,” Davis said.

She came in second at the CIF championships, an accomplishment that surprised her.

“I didn’t think it would happen this fast. It’s just a really cool feeling. My first tournament I took out a ranked girl and it was the ultimate confidence booster,” Davis said.

She is using that confidence as she prepares for state championships.

“That’s my biggest focus in life. That’s the one thing I work towards everyday,” Davis said.

The Monte Vista High School Wrestling Wall of Fame is filled with state champions of years past.

Olivia already said that winning state is one of her biggest goals this year. If she does win, she’ll be the first girl ever in school history to be on this wall. 

“A girl who’s in this sport that has been typically a guy’s sports but has been dominating. There might be a lot of girls in the sport that might have thought about wrestling and thought, ‘Oh that’s a guys sport, I don’t know if we can do that.’ The whole reason I wanted to get her out here to show you guys can do it just as well as the guys can,” the school’s head wrestling coach Jackson Kunz said.

Going forward, it’s all business.

“When I’m here, I put in the work and it’s been showing,” Davis said.