SAN DIEGO — Arman Dayani and Adrian Buenos are two cousins who just love to skate.

“Skateboarding is pretty much our whole life,” Dayani said. “Everything we do [is] eat, breathe skateboarding … The thrill, I like to get hurt. Even though it sounds crazy, it feels good.”

So much, in fact, they decided to create a business out of it. Good Buddy Skateboards sells skateboards, T-shirts, sweaters and more.

“It’s just all about your good buddies,” Dayani said. “You’re feeling down, then you go skate for an hour and literally all your problems just melt away, so you can’t do that without your friends and your skateboard, of course.”

Buenos handles the paperwork and logistics side of things, while Dayani takes care of the artwork and designs. It’s a match made in heaven – but what makes Good Buddy Skateboards so different from every other skateboard business in San Diego?

“Psychedelic-themed stuff, really weird concepts,” Dayani said. “Everyone else does kind of like skulls and not to talk them down or anything but you just want to get as weird and creative as possible.”

“Being a local here, being a generational family in San Diego, this is where it’s at and this is what we know,” Buenos said. “We’ve learned so much history and we did it every day coming into Route 44 and now Pack Ratt Records and getting to see all this history behind us.”

From a simple idea to a full-out business, these cousins could’ve never imagined they’d be where they are today. But, with the help of their good buddies, they hope to eventually expand.

Adrian Buenos, the founder of Good Buddy Skateboards, shows off a trick on his skateboard during a recent shoot. (FOX 5 photo)

“It’s just strange, you put an idea out there into the world and it just blossoms, you have no control over it,” Dayani said. “We were thinking about getting a trailer because it’s cheaper and just pull up to the skateparks and the kids would see. We were just seeing if it would take off and it certainly has, enough for us to actually dedicate ourselves to opening up a storefront but we’ll get there.”

If you’re interested in purchasing Good Buddy skateboards or merchandise, head over to their Instagram page @goodbuddyskateboards or check out Pack Ratt Records & Route 44 at 4744 El Cajon Boulevard.