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CARLSBAD, Calif. – Two iconic sports movies collide in Carlsbad as some kids in the foothills, who call themselves “The Sandlot Gang”, turned an empty lot into their baseball field of dreams. 

“We just wanted to make a good field and play,” said Owen Siegel, a founding member of the Sandlot gang. “There were a lot of bad hops so we tried getting most of those out of there.”

At first glance, an underdeveloped lot on the northeast end of El Camino Real and Cannon Road looked like an eyesore. Filled with branches, weeds, twigs and some trash.

But leave it to a child’s imagination to make a field of dreams into reality. 

“I just thought this was going to be just like a trashy old field, a couple of bats and old trees as fences,” said Griffin Blake, another member of the Sandlot gang.  

“It took a really long time just to rake it and just to get all the stuff needed to put this stuff down,” his brother Will Blake said.

Located at the Foothills of Carlsbad, these kids ranging from 7-12 years old spent their entire summer turning an empty lot into their favorite afternoon hangout. 

“My main thing is that we built this — this is ours,” said Kai Gougeon, another member of the Sandlot gang, “There weren’t many people who started out building but there’s so many people now who love to play here.”

From picking weeds, doing extra chores around the house and even starting a lemonade stand, these kids have raised more than $200. Using it for bases, some foul poles and a little recycled outdoor fence. 

Now they need some help from San Diego County to complete this passion project, starting a Venmo account @CarlsbadSandlot.

For more on the Sandlot gang, click on the video above.