CARLSBAD, Calif. — One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is getting in better shape.

For Carlsbad native Jordan Veiga, he’s taking that concept to the next level, looking to set a world record and raise awareness about mental health in the process. 

30,000: that’s how many pull-ups Veiga wants do.

“I personally set the bar really high for me, my goal is to do a 1,000 pull ups a day for 30 days, so we’ll see if it’s doable, I think it’s possible,” Veiga said.

To set a record, he has to monitor each rep for the World Record Academy, setting up cameras from different angles while he does them.

The 28-year-old says there are no pull-up records after a 24-hour time frame.

“So that’s why I wanted to take this journey on and do something that no one has ever tried to complete before,” Veiga said. 

His journey started three months ago when he made a promise to better himself.

“In a really bad place mentally, and I’ve been there before and I know a lot of people have too,” said Veiga, who hopes his hard works influences and helps people be the better version of themselves.

He’s not just raising awareness, but Veiga is also raising funds. His goal is to give $100,000 to the National Alliance of Mental Institute.

On his path to setting the world record,  he will use three different type of grips, changing them each set and hoping to change people’s minds about mental illness along the way.

“I know there is a huge stigma on mental health, my goal for this project is to break the stigma for mental health one pull-up at a time,” Veiga said.

Veiga has a message to anyone struggling with mental health issues.

“I know it’s tough. With the right help and the right people around you, I know for a fact that you’ll be able to get through it. I’ll be here to help you get through it. Let’s set the bar for 2023,” he added.