OCEANSIDE, Calif. — Two Oceanside students, who are also siblings, are making their mark in cross country by winning several different races between the two of them.

Omar and Rachel Reyes both go to El Camino high school and they recently took their talents to the highest level in high school sports.

Omar is setting the pace for his team and his sister Rachael.

“And to me as her brother, I have to show her what to do, what not to do. It’s a lot of factors into that. It’s awesome,” Omar said.

Rachael said her older brother’s advice helps give her a competitive edge.

“He definitely gives me a lot of motivation and tips and strategies on how to breathe and race techniques. It’s helped me a lot,” Rachael said.

Omar and Rachael were standouts all season for their high school.

Rachael earned the December CIF athlete of the month. Omar was nationally ranked as one of the best runners in the country.

“Just to see my name up there is awesome. It’s like I’m up with all these great guys,” Omar said.

Both siblings qualified for the 2022 California State Championship in Fresno.

“My sister and I, us going to state. Her going her freshman year and me my junior year. That’s amazing,” Omar said happily.

“To be honest I was like really happy. It was a really big goal of mine one day to go to state,” Rachael said.

Terra Sarnacki, the head coach said that cross country is mostly an individual sport, but she’s proud of how Omar and Rachel have turned the team into a family.

“They’re always there for each other,” Sarnacki said. “You’ll see many times where they will come through the finish line and they’ll be the ones to say ‘good job!’ Which is something that I’m really proud (of), that is my legacy.”