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SAN DIEGO — One neighborhood all-star in Pacific Beach is at it again.

Zion Clark, an Ohio native born with a rare disorder found in one out of every 100,000 kids, bounced around the foster care system for 17 years before finding a home. Now he’s using his story to fix a broken system.

“I’m on a mission, man, to really change lives,” Clark said.

Born with Caudal Regression Syndrome, a congenital disorder that affects the lower half of the body, Zion still found a way to turn his tragedy into triumph. He became an All-American wrestler at Kent State University and a two-time state champion in track.

“That’s why I go out and do some of the things I do,” Zion said. “I just go out by actively doing things, actively proving what I am saying is right, proving that you can be something more.”

The 24-year-old’s latest conquest is raising awareness and funding towards the foster care system in the United States.

“For me, this is my opportunity to give back to the foster care community, not just give back to the actual systems but setting up different funds, different grants, different ways to support these kids while they’re in the system and if they age out and they don’t have that support system, I want to be able to give them something,” Clark said.

The crowdfunding website GoFundMe spotlighted Zion for his efforts, making him their “hero of the month,” an honor that honors everyday people doing extraordinary things that change their communities and the world.

“You can still live a semi-normal life without all the pain and suffering and loss,” Zion said. “And don’t get me wrong, some of these kids, they’re missing their families and the main goal of this organization is to first off try to get them back to their families and if that doesn’t happen, they get them homes.”

If you’d like to help, Zion’s GoFundMe page can be found here.