6 women will ‘ElliptiGO’ Palomar Mountain for 3 world records

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SAN DIEGO – ElliptiGO is a part bike, part elliptical — and one heck of a workout 

“It’s relentless, obviously if we’re going up a hill it explains itself,” said Bruce Endres, a trainer for Team Relentless.

This Saturday, six dedicated endurance athletes will make up the team competing in a record-breaking race up Palomar Mountain, riding 12.5 miles uphill and nearly 5,000 feet in elevation. 

“So, when he first offered this I was on board,” said Denise Mueller Korenek, a Guinness Book of World Record holder for the fastest woman to ride a bike, said with a smile. “And then I realized I was climbing Mt Palomar, the world record and that nobody else had done it — I was in.”

The first one up the hill will own three world records, becoming the first, fastest and most to the summit on a mountain standup bike. 

“The power to the pedal exceeds cycling probably 20 to 25%, so there’s a lot more wattage involved,” said Brian Kildow, the sponsor of Team Relentless. “You get a lot better of a workout in a lot shorter timespan than you would be on a bike.”

Riding an ElliptiGO MSUB bike makes riding about 40% more challenging than using a regular bike. There is no seat and no way of resting, creating an intense workout that you’ll feel within minutes of riding. 

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