SAN DIEGO — “Been to Brazil, been to the UK, Rome, Dubai, and those are just the countries. I’ve been to a bunch of states in America.” 

At only 13 years old, Vista resident Tommy Calvert has seen the world, but his sights are set on something greater.

“My ultimate dream is to go to the Olympics and have a professional board or pro model,” said Tommy. 

Lofty yet attainable goals for the skater who’s currently the youngest and highest-ranked park skater out of Great Britain. 

“Its super sick being the youngest in the top 20, it means a lot,” continued Tommy. “It’s crazy that I’m competing with all these older guys and it’s cool that I’m with them.”

Tommy’s down to just three qualifiers in Dubai, Shanghai, and Hungary against the 44 top skaters from around the world. If he places in the top 20, Calvert will earn his first Olympic berth.