Local sports radio station Mighty 1090 goes off the air

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SAN DIEGO -- Local sports radio station The Mighty 1090 went off the air Wednesday morning.

Mike Glickenhaus of Broadcast Companies of America, which operates 1090-AM, told the San Diego Union-Tribune, "We have lost our connection in Mexico and are working to get this resolved. As you can imagine, this has my full attention and there is nothing more to say at this time."

Host Darren Smith, joined by co-workers Marty Caswell and Jordan Carruth, delivered a message to listeners Wednesday afternoon.

"We look at Glickenhaus, he says we have been taken off by the air by the people who own our tower -- which transmits on 1090-AM -- we have been taken off the air. And although it is surprising to hear somebody say that, I will tell you that the two people at least who were sitting here in the studio, myself and Marty, we had been aware that this was a possibility.

"... Mike Glickenhaus told us that the people who own the signal have decided that they are no longer interested in being partners with BCA Radio, which is the parent company of the Mighty 1090. There is a lot of stuff that I think will come out in time and stuff that I am not prepared to talk about today because there are legal reasons why I cannot, I cannot, share with you some of the stuff that was said ... Suffice it to say it is incredibly disappointing.

"... I'm sure you are wondering if this is it for The Mighty 1090, we are wondering if this is it for The Mighty 1090. I will tell you that there is not a lot of optimism about our future as a sports radio station."

The station's morning show team tweeted Wednesday afternoon that their show will be streamed on The Mighty 1090's app and website Thursday.

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