Local company FlyDive aims to get people out of the water and into the air

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SAN DIEGO - Many people have the urge to fly, and FlyDive wants to give everyone that opportunity with the X-board.

"I can promise you will fly in less than five minutes," said FlyDive lead engineer Ryan Lowrence. With that boost of confidence, Lorence started his dry-land tutorial.

"When you move your feet, things happen underneath you," he said. "If you're falling forward, push down with your toes. If you're falling backwards, you lift up with your toes."

With less than five minutes of instruction on the dock, Ryan clipped me into the X-board and off I went.

After several trials, and errors, it took me every bit of the five minutes, but suddenly, I started to rise out of the water.  They told me not to flap my arms... but really, I couldn't help it.

A form of hydroflight, the X-board uses water pressure generated by a jet ski.

A 4.5-inch hose runs the water into two jets on the bottom of the board.

"It's inevitably the next big water sport in the world today and one of the fastest-growing sports globally," said FlyDive CEO Christos Nicolaidis.

Nicolaidis also says several countries already hold competitions but FlyDive, a company founded in 2014 and based in Pacific Beach, aims to make the X-board a fun activity for anyone and everyone: from little kids, to grandparents.

It costs just under $4,500, which does not include the jet ski, but that price does include instruction and official certification for the buyers, so they can teach others to fly, and drive the jet ski.

"We've actually trained our dealers to certify their customers when they buy this board," Nicolaidis said. "Plus we've led the new standards of safety in this new activity. So we have very stringent safety standards to make sure that whoever buys this board is always going to be in an environment that is very safe."

With safety first, fun quickly follows.

"I have got to tell you, you did amazing," Nicolaidis told me. "I mean that from the bottom of my heart. You were really good. But what you did was proven everything that we've built everything around and that is make this easy and available for anyone to do."

FlyDive also has a special introductory rate for people to try out the X-board or you can text 22828.

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