SAN DIEGO — The Professional Padel League wrapped up its inaugural season earlier this year and is set to cap it off by holding its first-ever all-star game in San Diego this weekend.

At first glance, the game of padel looks just like tennis.

Ryan Redondo, co-owner and CEO of San Diego’s Pro Padel League team called the San Diego Stingrays, describes it as tennis with a twist.

“It’s a combination of tennis and squash — very similar skill components, so same grips and techniques and shot selections,” Redondo said. “Squash because you have glass walls behind you.”

It is a sport that is making history this weekend with the all-star game set to take place at Barnes Tennis Center on Saturday.

“It’s considered the fastest growing sport in the world,” Redondo said. “People say ‘What about pickleball?’ Pickleball is the fastest growing sport in the United States, but Padel globally is massive. So, the best players from the Western region against the best players from the Eastern region … (it’s) really exciting.”

That excitement is making the San Diego State graduate want to share his knowledge of the sport, ultimately hoping it helps padel grow to new heights.

“I can hit the glass wall, to go over,” Redondo demonstrated to FOX 5. “I can let it pass me, come back and hit it// you can hit it super hard. Those are the rules.”

Redondo is proud to see all 10 teams in the league represented at the all-star game. He is especially proud to make that milestone in America’s Finest City, while introducing new fans to the game.

“Feels great to be apart of positive impact for the city and for the community, that’s the biggest thing,” Redondo said. “It’s also fun to watch, but it’s even better to play. We love the sport, I love the sport, and I’m passionate about it.”

All-star activities will start at 4 p.m. on Saturday at the Barnes Tennis Center in Point Loma.