Hydrobiking offers unique fitness opportunity on Mission Bay

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SAN DIEGO — If you’re searching for a new workout that offers something different, look no further than Mission Bay where you’ll find hydrobiking, an aquatic fitness experience.

“They’re exactly like a land bike, except these hydrobikes float on water and are a lot more fun,” said Rich Flammer, owner of Hyrdrobikes SD. “You know when I want to go for a bike ride, I’d much rather go for a ride on the bay than on land and so that’s one thing that makes it really unique. It’s like you’re riding a cruiser, but you’re on the water.”

Flammer opened Hydrobikes SD just over a year ago after discovering no such business existed in San Diego.

“They were as fun as they looked online,” said Flammer. “The videos that I saw they were just as fun and actually since I started this business, I’ve been doing a lot more riding and I’ve lost 15 pounds.”

That set the pedals in motion to begin offering fitness classes on the water.

“You want to exercise and you want to be outside so we basically brought the indoor cycling class on the water so it has a lot of benefits,” said Jana Velesova, a hydrobikes fitness instructor.

Valesova was a professional mountain biker in the Czech Republic. She now leads 90-minute hydrobike sessions that cover roughly a mile of open water.

“We paddle out and do a couple exercises right on the bicycle in the middle of the bay,” she said.

Riding a hydrobike requires no experience or training. In fact, one could argue that these are safer than an actual bike because the stability is so strong, they’re nearly impossible to tip.

“One of the nice things is that for people who are afraid of the water or afraid of falling in, the bikes are very stable,” said Flammer. “So I’ve had some people that are very uncomfortable on the water but the water bikes allow them to get out there and enjoy the sea lions.”

The low impact exercise tops out at around eight miles-per-hour, giving riders plenty of time to take in all the sights and sounds that come with hydrobiking.

For more information on Hydrobikes SD, click here.

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