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SAN DIEGO – From not knowing whether they’d have a season to winning a SoCal Regional Championship, the St. Augustine High School boys soccer program enjoyed quite a spring.

Jack Sandmeyer plans to carry that momentum to the next level when he attends UC Davis this fall.

“At the start of the school year, we weren’t even sure if we’d have a season with everything with COVID,” Sandmeyer said, “and then when it finally got posted (that) this is going to be our preseason and this is going to be our first game on the schedule, we were all just so happy. We were so excited to get started and get out for the first training.”

For Sandmeyer, getting to experience his senior year meant that much more. And his squad finished the year on a much higher note than anticipated, winning the regional title after beating Santiago, 1-0, in June.

It made the year even more special, he said.

“I knew this was going to be my last year,” he said. “It’s definitely a peculiar year with everything that’s happened. I kind of want to make memories and make sure it’s a special year.”

The 18-year-old only played for St. Augustine in his freshman and senior years, instead playing club soccer in the years in between. Demonstrating talent and dedication to his craft, St. Augustine boys soccer coach Brendan Johnston knew immediately that it was time for Sandmeyer to go to the next level.

“Jack is built for the college game,” Johnston said. “He’s got the physical abilities. You can see that. I like to say he passes the eye test, but as a soccer player, he’s incredibly skillful. His soccer IQ is through the roof.”

The future UC Davis player comes from a family of athletes, too. His older brother is playing soccer at Gonzaga and his older sister is on the volleyball team at St. John’s. He’s excited to keep the family’s streak of college athletes alive, but admits he’ll definitely miss the St. Augustine brotherhood.

“It’s indescribable,” Sandmeyer said. “Just being around a group of guys that have the same interests as you, they all have the same goals and it’s probably what I’m going to miss the most because it’s an amazing feeling to have a group of people that want to support you and want to see you succeed.”