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SAN DIEGO – Juwan Washington had quite a bit of success with his former team. Racking up numerous accolades in his four years in the backfield at San Diego State, the now 24-year-old hopes to remind NFL scouts of that college player.

Washington missed the opportunity to attend any pro days due to the pandemic, unable to prove to scouts that a previous ankle injury had healed.

“I talked to the trainers for the (Houston) Texans, so they wanted me to come in and get looked at but that didn’t happen with the Pro Day stuff getting canceled,” Washington said.

Months later, Washington thought he had a solid opportunity with the Montreal Alouettes of the CFL. But it didn’t last for long. He got cut a couple weeks ago.

“It motivated me a lot,” he said. “I just started working even harder just to get a chance.”

Could a third time be the charm? He has yet another opportunity this weekend to show off his talent at a HUB Football camp at Helix Charter High School in La Mesa, where he’ll work out in front of NFL, CFL, USFL and USA Rugby scouts.

Washington joins four other former Aztecs at the camp this weekend, including cornerback Kyree Woods, tackle Ryan Pope, defensive end Myles Cheatham and linebacker Kyahva Tezino.

“I’m super excited just to go out there and show what I can do in person,” Washington said. “I know there’ll be a few scouts there from East League and stuff, so if they can just see me in person and just compare it to the film that I have from college.”

Washington trains five to six days a week, coming to places like Werk Fitness in La Mesa. That’s where he and his childhood friend and trainer, Landon Beamon, put in the work.

“Juwan, he’s a beast,” Beamon said. “Every time he comes here, he gives his all. He gives his all, so I’ve seen a lot of progress from him. He’s just more explosive. His knee’s looking good, over strength.”

When he’s not with Beamon, Washington works out with old teammates looking for their own shot, too.

“I’m still the same person from the film in college,” Washington said. “I just want to remind them that I’m still the same guy that ran for almost a thousand yards. I was one yard away.”

“He has God with him, so he’s going to be okay,” Beamon said. “He’s going to beast it. He’s going to beast out.”