Former SDSU basketball star admits filming sex videos

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SAN DIEGO — Former San Diego State basketball player Jalen McDaniels, who faces separate lawsuits by two women, admitted in court documents earlier this week to recording and sharing two videos of intimate acts, the San Diego Union-Tribune reports.

A lawsuit was filed in December by Tally Thomas, a former student and friend of McDaniels. Both attended Federal Way Public High School near Seattle before McDaniels enrolled at SDSU. Thomas accused McDaniels of hiding in a closet to record her while she was having an intimate moment with a mutual friend and later sharing the video with others at their school.

The week prior, Gwen Gabert, another former student at Federal Way High, filed a similar civil suit against McDaniels. That complaint alleges McDaniels recorded Gabert without her consent while they were engaging in a sexual act. McDaniels is also accused of disseminating the video.

McDaniels admitted that he recorded the alleged videos, shared them with “a small group of friends,” deleted them “shortly thereafter” and “sincerely apologized [to both women] for the conduct,” according to the Union-Tribune. The admissions came in a King County Superior Court document called an “answer and affirmatives document.”

The judge has set a deposition deadline by July 23.

McDaniels played for two seasons ad SDSU and turned pro this Spring.

Read the San Diego Union-Tribune’s story here.

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