Former Grossmont High School pitcher releases debut album


EL CAJON, Calif. — Grossmont High School graduate Steven Brault achieved one dream of becoming a major league pitcher, and recently he achieved a second dream when he released a debut album. It’s called “A Pitch at Broadway” and features a variety of tunes from his favorite musicals.

“What I always say is that there’s nothing nearly as getting you into the mood to see a musical than when the lights go down and all the sudden you hear the organ so loud just go boom, boom, boom. It’s just like, ‘Yes, let’s go!'” said Brault.

There’s no denying Brault loves the thrill of theater. The El Cajon native began performing at a young age and still does.

“Growing up, I sang as much as I could,” he said. “I sang in the shower, in the car and all that stuff, and then I did the musicals and I was in a few rock bands starting in high school and sang for those and just kind of got better as time went on.”

But singing isn’t his only talent. He can also pitch pretty well. After graduating from Grossmont, Brault chose Regis Univeristy in Colorado, where he could both perform on stage and play baseball.

“I had never been scouted in high school or anything like that so I was like OK, I’ll play baseball competitively for four more years, and then I’ll really get into this music thing and see where it takes me,” said Brault.

Pursuing music was put on hold when he was drafted somewhat unexpectedly in 2013. In four major league seasons with the Pittsburgh Pirates, the lefty has an 11-12 record, a 4.88 ERA in 89 appearances, 35 of them starts. In 2018, it was Brault’s performance before the game that caught attention from teammates.

“Once I sang the national anthem, it kind of, — what I’ve gathered from them — that’s when they were all kind of like oh, OK, this is a real thing,” said Brault. “He’s not just some guy that plays baseball who can also kind of sing a little bit, so that was cool.”

Fast forward to 2020 and the 27-year-old released his debut album, appropriately called “A Pitch at Broadway” featuring songs from top Broadway musicals including Hamilton, Wicked and Brault’s favorite, Phantom of the Opera.

“I’m very humbled, because the people who worked on the album — who put it together — true actual professionals who worked so hard to make it sound as good as it does. And I’m thankful, but mostly I’m just giddy,” said Brault.

Though the baseball season remains in limbo, Brault says he looks forward to getting back on the mound, whenever that may be.

“It’s just not as important as everybody staying healthy and getting through this, so it’s really a no-brainer for me and I think for a lot of other people,” he said. “Whenever we can start playing again, we’ll all be very ready and very excited to play.”

And until then, he can always sing.

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