DEL MAR, Calif. — The 83rd racing season is underway at Del Mar.

From the horses to the hats, opening day is always a winner at Del Mar.

Again this year, there was reduced seating – around 22,000 – which quickly sold out.

Del Mar Racetrack CEO Joe Harper says fans enjoyed the extra space last year, so they stuck with it.

“Those opening days where you have 40,000 people in here, you couldn’t move. I think I was making the fire marshal nervous more than I was, so this was a good comfortable number,” Harper said.

For some it’s a first-time experience, like for Adrian and Nikki Cornist who made the trip from Las Vegas.

“Every aspect of Del Mar is beautiful. It’s right by the ocean, you get ocean breeze, everybody with the hats, all the ladies and men looking fabulous, I mean what can you do.”

For others, it’s a long-time tradition. El Cajon resident Tom Loveday met his buddies at the track. He says he hasn’t missed an opening day since 1980.

“When we got here, we were just regular. I was a Marine, Jeff was a construction worker, now he’s a horse owner and I’m still a worker,” Loveday said.

If you missed opening day, there’s still 30 racing days left in the summer season, including this weekend. Tickets are still available for Saturday and Sunday.