Family of 5 all work for the circus


SAN DIEGO– If you think your family is a circus during the holidays, check out the Weiss Family of Five.  They can be seen traveling and performing together all over the world.

Right now, the family is in town for “Natale – Journey to the North Pole.”

The family motto: No matter what happens in life, the show must go on.

“My mom and dad ran away when they were 18 and joined the circus,” said Nicole Weiss.

John Weiss knew he was destined for the circus from the age of 12. When he met his wife, it seemed like destiny.

“We loved the circus and then we got married in the circus, we got married in Madison Square Garden,” said John. “I was a clown, she was a dancer, ring bearer was a bear, bridesmaid was an elephant.  I arrived in a clown car with my clown friends, and we rode off on an elephant.”

Now he balances on different objects.

“I like a shopping cart. The reason I like it is that people can relate to it,” said John. “You’re out shopping and you see me balance it, not from the handle, but from the corner, which is a small edge, and then you sit back and you feel the shopping cart and the weight of it and you say, ‘Wow, that was impressive!'”

Nicole also loves performing as a hula hooper and aerial artist. She started hooping when she was just 6 years old.

“I can’t take my dad anywhere without him slightly embarrassing me, because he grew up performing in front of so many people. He’s so comfortable,” said Nicole. “For instance, I would be at the doctor and I would turn to the side, and he balancing a chair for someone. But their career in the circus inspires me a lot, because it gives me something to look up to.”

Nicole’s older brother works at the box office of the circus. Her younger brother works on another show as an aerobatic performer.

The Weiss family not only performs together, but they are cancer fighters together. Mom and wife Laura was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2013. A few months later, John was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

“A lot of families break up because of the diagnosis of cancer because it’s hard,” said John. “You know it’s hard on families, kids. So we said we have to be strong we have to support each other. What are the kids thinking? Both their parents have cancer. And then we had to go out here every day and perform. And that was the medicine for us –being able to come out here and perform.”

John is now cancer-free, but Laura continues the fight. Her cancer returned last year.

“It took a lot of toll on all of us, because we were all performing and the show must go on,” said Nicole.

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