SAN DIEGO — Developers for the project known as Midway Rising hosted a community workshop at the San Diego Central Library Thursday evening.

It was an opportunity for residents to discuss the sports arena redevelopment project with the Midway. A couple dozens residents attended the workshop.

The redevelopment team met up with community members to answer questions and discuss future benefits of the 48.5-acre redevelopment project that envisions 2,000 affordable homes, a state-of-the-art arena and dynamic mixed-use entertainment district at the landmark location.

“The area that we’re focusing on redeveloping is what we know as the Sports Arena Community Village area,” explained Shelby Jordan II, project lead.

The plans are ambitious, but worrisome to some residents.

“I am so worried about the traffic,” said a member of the public at the workshop. “And I feel like this project could be tourniquet around the neck of this peninsula.”

Others were residents were optimistic.” We appreciate you providing information,” said another resident at the workshop.” We really think you are providing a critical component to San Diego.”

The project is in the due diligence process, with consultants assessing the site to update the development plan.

Jordan II says the key component in some of these meetings with residents is to be able to answer some of their questions and concerns regarding the project, then taking that data and using it for the process.

The Midway Rising team is set to provide a project update to councilmembers next month.