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ST. LOUIS, Mo. (KTVI) – Last week the world learned that Deidre Pujols was undergoing surgery to remove a brain tumor while her husband, Major League Baseball star Albert Pujols, was at spring training. Then Albert revealed that he filed for divorce after 22-years of marriage.

Now, Deidre is sharing some insight into how her family is rooting for the Cardinals on Opening Day.

Albert Pujols will be in the starting lineup for the St. Louis Cardinals against the Pittsburgh Pirates when he begins his final big league season Thursday in what should be an emotional return to Busch Stadium.

The 42-year-old Pujols is on a farewell tour. He joins Adam Wainwright pitching to Yadier Molina for what could be the final time as those two players also ponder retirement after 2022.

Deidre Pujols shared this message with her Instagram followers:

“Today I am excited to celebrate what will be an incredible baseball experience for our family, baseball fans and for the story of baseball as we watch Albert start the 2022 season reunited with the St. Louis Cardinals where it all began for our family years ago. I had a great conversation with Albert this morning, we talked about today’s events and all that will happen, we prayed together to set the energy for the day and he is excited as are all of us.

He has been one of the most disciplined athletes of his sport that I have ever known and how God has used his life on and off the field has always blown my mind! I am really happy he gets one more year to play the game!

Despite the most recent surge of media attention about our personal lives, I would never miss out on an opportunity to send love, and blessings to someone who I have spent a majority of my life with and will forever be connected. Our children will be there to support him and if I was able I would have also been there to celebrate this special event.

However, I will be there in spirit and watching from home as I continue my recovery from surgery. Thank you to all the fans who have watched and supported his historic career, we will probably never see anyone do what Albert has done in this game again in our lifetime.”

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A brain tumor was discovered in the backside of Deidre Pujols’ head in October. She delayed the procedure but eventually went through with it a week ago.