Carson City Council approves Chargers-Raiders stadium plan

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LOS ANGELES — The Carson City Council unanimously approved a privately financed stadium for the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders on Tuesday night, barely two months after the public announcement of the proposed $1.7-billion project.

The vote continued the proposal’s breakneck pace in the competition with a rival concept in Inglewood to end the NFL’s two-decade absence from the Los Angeles area, Los Angeles Times reported.

Supporters of the Carson project needed just eight days to collect more than 15,000 signatures in support of their ballot initiative, almost twice the number required.

Carson’s City Council had the option of adopting the initiative or scheduling a public vote later this year. The prospect of transforming a long-vacant former municipal landfill site next to the 405 Freeway into a 70,000-seat stadium proved too tempting to delay.

The ballot initiative process allowed both proposals to skip lengthy environmental reviews in a race in which time is of the essence.

Carson officials acknowledge that much of the deal with the developers will be negotiated in the coming months. Tuesday’s vote is but one step.

The 26-page initiative petition pledged that no tax dollars would be used but contained few specifics about the stadium. Goldman Sachs would lead a 10-figure investment and personal seat licenses are projected to account for about half of the cost.

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