Bringing back the fun: World’s first soft-board surf series comes to SoCal


SAN CLEMENTE, Calif. – If you’ve ever surfed on a foam board — and had fun while doing it — this might be the event for you.

The Red Bull Foam Wreckers, the world’s first soft-board surf series, hit the water at 9 a.m. Saturday in San Clemente. With competitors ranging from beginners all the way up to professionals, the purpose of the so called “anti-surf contest” is to have as much fun as possible using only foam surfboards.

“We’re judging on the amount of fun you’re having in the water, as well as the things you’re getting up to,” said Jamie O’Brien, a professional surfer and the event’s creator. “You could win this contest doing a leisure, laying on the board sideways.

“There are no rules to this contest. It’s just go out, have a good time, make the judges laugh.”

And it’s not just happening anywhere. The Red Bull Foam Wreckers series is going down at the iconic T-Street Beach.

“It’s an amazing place, Southern California, amazing place” O’Brien said. “San Clemente, to me, it’s like the Mecca of surfing in California. It’s not Huntington. San Clemente is ground zero for surfing in Southern California.”

O’Brien hopes the event reminds both kids and adults of sport’s purpose – to just have fun.

“If you’re on this quest for your kid to be a world champion, maybe this is a good reality wake up call,” he said. “Like, ‘Hey, let’s just remember surfing is all about fun.’ Yeah, it’s cool if it becomes a job one day but always, I feel like always go back to your core and remember why you started the sport.”

Anybody over the age of 16 is invited to participate with boards provided.

More information is available at

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