SAN DIEGO — The San Diego State men’s basketball team returned home Tuesday afternoon after their historic season came to an end Monday in Houston.

The Aztecs fell 76-59 to UConn in the NCAA National Championship game.

It was the furthest the program had ever advanced in the tournament.

“It was a historic run, proud of our effort, proud of our kids and just excited to see how San Diego embraced all this — San Diego State, the city of San Diego — that we could bring some joy and some excitement to all our fans’ lives,” Coach Brian Dutcher said. “First time experience for all of us here.”

With a police escort, the historic Aztec team was led back to their campus and greeted with their supporters signing autographs and taking selfies.

San Diego State guard Lamont Butler says after “the shot,” he’s been swarmed with adoration. 

“It’s new to me, I’m a lowkey guy, I don’t really like all this attention, but it’s been pretty fun getting all the love from the fans and people that really don’t even know me, but it’s really cool to be in this position,” Butler said.

Meanwhile, Aztec guard Matt Bradley says while seeing the sea of red turnout was wonderful, it was also the brown and gold that brought things to the next level.

“It meant everything, Musgrove hit me up and I know he’s a big San Diego guy. He told me after the game just keep your head high, you had an amazing run and to see the Padres posting us during their game just means the closeness of San Diego,” Bradley said.

Dutcher added after sweeping through the Sweet 16, Elite 8 and Final Four, his recruiting calls are getting easier and easier for next year. 

Jaime Chambers contributed to this report.