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POWAY, Calif.– Canadian born Sasha Gates wears multiple hats as mother, wife, reality star, philanthropist, and musician. The wife of Chargers all-pro tight end, Antonio Gates, says she has always been one to dream big and challenge herself.

“Once I commit to myself that I’m going to do something, I tell myself I’m going to do it,” said Sasha. ” So jumping off that building and figuring it out is the best way for me to make it happen.”

Sasha currently stars on the E! reality show WAGS, a series that follows around wives and girlfriends of professional athletes. In addition, she helps run her philanthropy the Dolling Foundation. But Sasha’s dream big, anythings possible attitude, finally pushed her to pursue her true passion of music. This summer Sasha will release her debut album and introduce herself to the world as an Artist.

“Music is something I need,” said Sasha. “It makes me feel alive. It’s not about money. It’s about going out there and being everything I can be. Music is something I love so much and I just want to show my daughter and show women out there that it doesn’t matter you can still pursue your dreams no matter what and I’ll never stop pursing my dream.”

The mother of  two  describes her music as R & B and from the heart. This fall Sasha released her first single titled “Oh Yeah My Hitta”, her inspiration being her husband Antonio.

“It’s basically saying he is my ride or die and I am just in 100 percent with him,” said Sasha. “We are in it together till the end. It’s one of my favorite songs.”

Sasha Gates lives life “The Sasha Way” and she truly believes anyone can live the life they dream up too.

“Never ever stop dreaming ever,” said Sasha. ” Life is too short. You can have whatever you want. You have to go out and get it.”