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DENVER (KDVR) — Security is always a concern for major events like the MLB All-Star Game.

The Denver Police Department said the department is constantly assessing any threats. They said the areas surrounding downtown events are determined to be safe.

One fan, who brought his young children to All-Star Week, describes the event as a “once in a lifetime experience for us.”

He said large crowds can present safety concerns while he’s keeping track of his brood.

“(I am) extra vigilant — wanted to make sure that our kids are with us at all times,” he said.

Denver Police Division Chief Joe Montoya said “the city is very safe, and we will encourage you to come downtown and enjoy the last couple days of festivities.”

Police are working with other agencies to implement a plan that was constructed several months ago.

“We gauge what’s going on in our community. We determine if there are any potential threats out there, and we work quickly to mitigate them,” Montoya said.

There is a strong police presence in the Lower Downtown area.

“We have our finger on the pulse, we know what’s going on and we have the ability to respond to it,” Montoya said.

Police emphasize that personal responsibility plays a role in keeping your family safe.

Drivers should be cautious of pedestrians. Those walking should be aware of their surroundings, avoid alleys and dark areas and avoid walking alone.

Police tell the Problem Solvers it’s important to report any suspicious activity, avoid bringing valuables to events and lock cars.