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DENVER (KDVR) — Multiple days of large MLB All-Star Week event crowds have produced unavoidable challenges for residents who live in the Downtown Denver area. They are living in the thick of baseball excitement and forced to manage the positive and negative impacts.

Locals on Monday expressed an overall positive response to the events. While it may be challenging navigate city streets, locals showed enthusiasm knowing Denver no longer looks like a pandemic ghost town.

“I think it’s awesome … it’s good for the community,” a ballpark neighborhood resident said.

FOX31 spoke with locals outside the King Soopers grocery store at Chestnut Place and 20th Street.

“I [have] to get the dog acclimated to [the crowds],” one man said.

“I mean my dog hates it,” another dog owner explained.

The minor dog woes and the congestion were top of mind.

“If you bike around a lot, it makes it a little more difficult,” said an Uptown resident shopping at the grocery store.

Visitor parking is also a challenge.

“I had a friend here last week … [they] paid $40 for parking, which wasn’t cool,” an apartment tenant said.

But the complaints were outweighed by more positive feedback.

Those living the city life who spoke to FOX31 did not seem bothered by the massive crowds. The baseball energy is breathing new life into city streets following months of what felt like emptiness for many.