SAN DIEGO — Some moms yell at home. Mia Diguilio’s mom, however, yells on the field as La Costa Canyon’s head field hockey coach.

“Just the amount of fun that we have on the field sharing this opportunity together, I don’t think a lot of people get the opportunity to share that and say that,” said Mia, a senior at La Costa Canyon.

“We’ve been in field hockey together since she’s been in 6th grade, so coaching her in high school has truly been an honor. So I think we build each other up. It really is unique and special at the same time,” said Coach Kari Diguilio.

This special experience comes with its a share of challenges — balancing being a mother and daughter while also being a coach and player.

“The mom part is always there, and I walk out on the field and see her as my daughter and as a player. I think she’s the same, she never calls me mom on the field,” said Kari.

“At home, we’ll be going over film sometimes. I ask her as a parent and what she sees. Then sometimes it’s more analytical as a coach. It’s difficult at times, but we manage to work it out,” said Mia.

What’s not difficult — coaching a player as good as Mia. The center-midfielder received 2022 all-CIF first team honors. 

The Cal commit, leads a mavericks squad that Maxpreps ranks 3rd in the nation and 2nd in California.

“We’ve worked super hard over the past 4 years. Just to see how we’ve developed, how we’ve all come together, it’s exciting. Makes me want to work hard everyday,” said Mia.

If you think getting coached by your mom is a lot to handle, then Mia has it tough. She’s also coached by her dad, playing quarterback for the girl’s flag football team .

“It’s definitely fun. It’s interesting to go back home and be surrounded by both coaches. Won’t take it for granted, with both of them,” said Mia.

In their last season together, the two acknowledge a mother-daughter bond that’s grown stronger than they could have ever imagined.

“Oh gosh, you’re going to make me cry. I’m going to miss her a lot. We have pregame rituals together listening to music. Good thing for me, she’s just a flight away. She’s my only girl so I’m going to miss that mother-daughter bond,” said Kari.

“I get emotional thinking about it just because it means so much to mean. It’s meant a lot to me the past 4 years. Oh wow, I wasn’t expecting that. I think it’s something I’ll cherish forever,” said Mia.