OCEANSIDE, Calif. — Walking the clubhouse of Goat Hill Park in Oceanside, the history of this municipal golf course oozes through the walls. 

“It’s beloved, it’s been around since 1952 and everyone’s pitched in and saved it from being developed,” said John Ashworth, caretaker of Goat Hill Park and Founder of Linksoul. “We came in and saved it and have been fixing it up ever since.”

While it continues paying tribute to that rich history, Ashworth developed some new traditions creating the Wishbone Brawl.

“It’s like a backyard party,” continued Ashworth. “The guys hit Persimmon Woods instead of metal woods, which is kind of old school and there are no ropes for the gallery so everyone just walks along with the group. It’s just a different atmosphere, but everyone has a lot of fun.”

With more than 1,200 expected on hand for the fifth installment of the brawl in Oceanside on Saturday, Nov. 19. This year’s matchup pins former Aztec and Olympic Gold Medalist Xander Schauffele and Dean Wilson against Fred Couples and Geoff Ogilvy. 

“We have a gold medal winner, a masters champion, a past US Open champion, and Dean Wilson has also won a bunch on the tour and overseas,” continued Ashworth. “It’s pretty amazing. They’re having a really fun time with it. I’m on a text chain with them and they’re talking a little bit to each other so it’s interesting, but they have fun with it.”

Best of all, 100% of the proceeds from an adult gallery ticket benefit the North County Junior Golf Association, which offers affordable golf events and instruction to kids ranging from ages five to 18.