ESCONDIDO, Calif. — Classical Academy just won their first-ever football state championship.

Teshia Lee is the mother of three players. Each son has a touching story behind their names: Friday, DeAngelo and Life Pollard.

“These boys are all I’ve got,” said Lee. “They were going to fight to win, fight to win.”

Life earned his unique name after his mother delivered him while in a coma.

“When I had Life, he was deaf,” she explained. “Deaf up until he as 3-years-old. The doctor had to place two tubes in each ear. I think this led my other kids to get closer and closer to him.”

That strong bond is felt throughout the entire family. For Life, despite winning a championship, he wishes he could’ve won with his older brother Lam

“It was nice knowing that he was still watching us,” Life said. “Him coming back from Minnesota, it was a blessing for sure.”

D’Angelo is named after his uncle who was also a football player. His uncle died from a gunshot wound while trying to break up a fight.

“He’s showing them that my uncle, his name will always be out here, he’s not going to forgotten,” said Lee.

D’Angelo was surprised to win the championship after going 1-9 the year before.

“I was shocked because I didn’t know we were going to go this far in the season,” D’Angelo said. “I thought the season was going to end like real earlier in my opinion. We made it through, we won.”

When Lee gave birth to her third son, she suffered a stroke. She named him after the day he was born, which was a Friday. He went on to score the first-ever state championship touchdown in Classical Academy history.

“Thankful, you gotta be thankful for what you’ve got because I could’ve not been here, and to be here — to just be thankful for everything I receive,” said Friday.

Lee experienced a full circle moment, watching her children win it all.

“That meant a lot to me to travel that far, to know in my heart they would win that game,” said Lee. “It’s all about these boys playing together.”