SAN DIEGO — A young man with a plan. Skyler Bailecki, 12, recently took second place at the National Silver Gloves tournament.

“Once I got to nationals, the first two fights were easy,” Bailecki told FOX 5. “When I fought the last kid, a nine-time national champion, he was a really good fighter.

Skyler went undefeated at three straight tournaments before he got to the top.

If you can believe it, boxing is step two of his plan. 

“So I started with wrestling first. Now, I want to work on my striking. I like punching people in the face more than I like slamming people,” said Bailecki.

Here’s where step three of his plan comes in — he wants to be just like his dad.

“I’ve been fighting my whole life because my dad is a pro MMA fighter. But I started competing like two years ago and I’ve been pretty successful,” said Bailecki.

The young athlete says his ultimate goal is becoming a UFC champion. But for right now, he’s focus on boxing.

“Mostly the feeling and the adrenaline, I like it a lot. No feeling can match it all, it’s crazy,” said Bailecki. 

His next stop — the Junior Olympics in June, where he’ll hopefully getting an opportunity to prove himself against a past opponent. 

“I’m excited, I can’t wait,” said Bailecki. “I think I going to fight the kid I fought for national, the kid I lost too. So I will be able to redeem myself there.”