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A driver smashed into this vehicle while it was pulled over on the freeway to let a passenger vomit. That woman was uninjured, but four others were sent to the hospital.

ENCINITAS, Calif. — A woman narrowly avoided injury in North County when her companions pulled to the side of the freeway to let her vomit and another driver smashed into the back of their car, sending four people to the hospital.

The crash happened around 3 a.m. near Manchester Avenue in Encinitas Saturday morning, California Highway Patrol Sergeant Eric Nicholas said. A white sedan had pulled over to let a passenger who was “feeling ill vomit outside of the vehicle,” Nicholas said.

Shortly after they pulled over, the driver of another sedan drifted onto the right shoulder as they passed and smashed into the stopped car. Two people inside that car were trapped inside and suffered “major injuries but nothing considered life-threatening,” Nicholas said. Both of those people and a third occupant with less severe injuries were rushed to the hospital.

The woman who had gotten out to vomit was miraculously uninjured. She was seen visibly upset at the scene of the crash, making phone calls and speaking with officers.

The driver who rear-ended the car was also taken to the hospital for injuries she suffered in the crash. Nicholas said she “had been drinking” but police were still investigating whether she would be charged with DUI.