Woman says Uber driver tried to break into her home

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SAN DIEGO -- A woman says an Uber driver tried to get inside her home hours after she and her friends were dropped off.

Recently, Maegan Cooper said she and a couple girlfriends went out for some drinks and then took an Uber back to her house in Kensington.

“We were up for a little bit longer once we got home and then went to sleep,” Cooper said.

Cooper said it was after 3 a.m. when her husband got alerts on his phone saying there was activity on their front porch. She said he looked at the video to find a man trying to open their kitchen door.

“He immediately jumped up and armed himself -- thank goodness we had something like that to protect us -- and then dialed 911,” Cooper said.

She said you can hear the man jiggle the door handle and then see him walk towards the kitchen window.

"Then you can see he notices the camera so he ran off,” Cooper said. “It’s unbelievable. It’s so scary that he was that close to coming into our house,” Cooper said.

By the time police showed up, she said the man was long gone. Over and over, she and her husband looked back at the video and tried to figure out why the man was prowling around their home.

“I had emailed both of my girlfriends the footage that our camera had, and my girlfriend who was the one who actually ordered the Uber was like, 'Oh my gosh, he looks really familiar you guys'," Cooper said. "She pulled up the Uber receipt and looked at his Uber profile picture compared to our video surveillance and it clicked."

Cooper said when she started to compare the images she got goosebumps.

“It was so scary because your brain starts to think if he knew we were home, why would he come and burglarize a house with people in it? So immediately you’re like, I think he was after one of us,” Cooper said.

Cooper said she notified Uber.

An Uber spokesperson sent the following statement to FOX 5:

“What’s been detailed has no place on our app and we're reviewing the matter. The driver's access has been removed from the app."

Cooper said she is hoping her story will urge Uber and other ridesharing companies to beef up their background checks.

“I decided that I wasn’t ready to push this under the rug because if he had tried to do this with three of us in the house there’s no doubt in my mind that he would definitely try to do this to somebody who’s by themselves. If he hadn’t already done it before,” Cooper said.

Uber added that the safety of its customers is a top priority and it does do background checks and has other safety measures in place. A spokesperson said one thing a rider can do is not have the driver pick-up or drop-off at their residence and instead meet at the nearest cross streets.

San Diego police are investigating but said at this time they cannot be sure anything criminal took place.

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