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SAN DIEGO – A 23-year-old woman who fled violence in Guatemalan and is seeking asylum in the United States claimed she was sexually assaulted at a church shelter in Santee.

The woman was staying at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement recommended shelter Faith Family Christian Center with her family when she was allegedly assaulted at night.

“She woke up and the man was still there,” said Enrique Morones, Border Angels CEO and founder. “He went running out of the room, it was terrifying situation.”

Morones, who has been at the forefront of helping the recent influx of migrant children and families, helped place her family in another shelter since the alleged incident.

FOX 5 visited the faith-based shelter Tuesday to ask what had happened, but were greeted with aggression and a pelting of fruit from an outside tree. Phone calls to Pastor David L. Barrett who claims to be the founder of this faith-based shelter were unreturned.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials said they have referred immigrants who leave their custody to the particular shelter before, and do all they can to help them get to their final destination safely. According to ICE agents, no one is obligated to stay there.