Woman accused of faking cancer is ‘remorseful’


Meaghan Hudson

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CHULA VISTA, Calif. – The attorney for a 25-year-old woman accused of faking she had cancer to get thousands of dollars in donations said there is more to the story.

The attorney for Meaghan Hudson  talked to FOX 5 Monday after a readiness conference outside the South Bay courthouse Monday morning.

“She is very remorseful.  Any criminal case that has an individual who has never committed a crime in her life – there’s usually a story behind it,” her attorney said. “There are factors and reasons behind [the alleged crime] that lead up to the activity. It’s something we can’t really talk about right now.  We’ll get a chance to do that with you in the future.”

Hudson was arrested in January after an anonymous tipster told Chula Vista police she was not suffering from the illness.

An online fundraising website was set up by her parents to help with Hudson’s purported medical condition. They raised $5,000 online plus an additional $2,000 at a bowling fundraiser set up by her friends in Ohio. Many of Hudson’s friends supported her by shaving their heads and getting tattoos in her honor.

In February, Hudson pleaded not guilty to four felony charges, including grand theft of personal property. Since then, her step-mother, Margaret Hudson, posted an apology on the fundraising website. She expressed her disappointment in Meaghan’s deceptive behavior and promised to pay back money that was donated to her step-daughter’s cause. She claimed Meaghan lied about attending San Diego State University and having a nursing degree.

Hudson is expected to return to court in May.

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