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Powerful winds brought down trees and wrecked havoc across San Diego.

In Point Loma, a massive tree came down on Talbot Street, blocking the road for hours.

They were strong enough to bring down a hundred-year-old tree at Ocean Beach Elementary.

“It’s so sad. The kids are just so sad to see it go….It’s part of our school, a part of our tradition,” said 2nd grade teacher Angela Wunder, who has been teaching at the school for decades.

The lead landscaper for San Diego Unified School District, Matt Peterson, visited 14 schools Monday and says the tree crash at Ocean Beach Elementary was the worst damage he’s seen so far.

“The tree completely uprooted from the bottom. It didn’t bust from the base. The roots completely came up and it uprooted from the soil,” said Peterson.

Trees shattered memories and property. On Pescadero Avenue, a tree snapped at its base too.

“I went in and grabbed my girlfriend and she thought there was a tornado coming up the street,” said neighbor Ryan McCarty.

He feared the fall could have been deadly.

“The roof smashed in about three feet. If someone was sitting on the car they probably would have been crushed,” said McCarty.

Hundreds of city employees cleaned up the mess left behind today. Over 300 calls came in in just 24 hours for trees.

But trees weren’t the only problem.

Wind turned an Abbott Street block into a beach, forcing a drivers to turn around.