Wife visiting San Diego receives 18 hours' notice of husband's deployment


SAN DIEGO — Less than a week after a U.S. airstrike killed a top general in Iran and lead to U.S. military deployments to the Middle East, one family is feeling the impacts in the immediate aftermath.

April Shumard said her husband has deployed twice before, but both times they were given a month’s notice. This time around, they were given 18 hours’ notice, and April was out of town when he got deployed.

The family has four children and lives in North Carolina. April came out to San Diego to help her 25-year-old daughter who lives in the area with major surgery.

Within 24 hours of April’s stay in San Diego came the announcement that 3,000 troops would deploy to the Middle East, including her husband, paratrooper Glen Shumard.

Recently, April’s sister died. In the past year, she and her husband had been taking care of her sister’s three children. At the time of the deployment, all five children were back in North Carolina, with no parental supervision available, leading to a stressful situation for the mother. Luckily, friends were able to help them out.

“I managed to get three of my friends and my nanny, even though it was supposed to be her day off,” said April. “She came in one of the days to watch the kids, two of my friends came in the other two days.”

April said she feels lucky to have a military family but is still trying to secure more help as she and her children adjust to the sudden change.

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