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SAN DIEGO — Suspicious text messages and Wi-Fi records are among evidence that led Phoenix police to arrest the boyfriend of an East County teen a week after she was found dead in the Arizona desert.

Court documents lay out the information Phoenix police said led them to suspect that Jon Christopher Marcus Clark had killed Kiera Bergman — a killing said to have happened on Aug. 4, his 23rd birthday.

Bergman’s body was found September 3 at 3 p.m. — a month after she was reported missing — near state Route 85 and Hazen Road in West Valley, outside Phoenix.

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Details of the case against Clark are contained in a probable cause statement police filed in Maricopa County Superior Court on Tuesday. Notable among the evidence are text messages sent between phones belonging to Bergman and Clark, as well as those from Bergman’s phone to her friends. According to the statement, the couple had “a history of domestic disputes.”

The day she disappeared, Bergman left work early because she did not feel well. She texted Clark and asked him to pick her up, according to the document. Less than an hour later, the two of them were in her apartment, arguing with each other as Clark was on a Facetime session with his cousin. That session ended at 11:30 a.m.

Bergman’s roommate arrived home shortly after 1 p.m., to find Bergman gone. The roommate drove around the area, but could not find Bergman.

Later that day there were text messages sent back and forth between Bergman’s and Clark’s phones. Clark asked for money and Bergman agreed to let him take $500 from her account — her rent money, police said. At the time the messages were sent, both phones were using the Wi-Fi in Bergman’s apartment, according to police. Clark withdrew the money and also filled up the gas tank in her car.

And on Aug. 7 — three days after Bergman disappeared — her cellphone and Clark’s connected to the Wi-Fi router in Bergman’s apartment. Bergman’s wallet and bank card were found in her apartment. For a few days after her disappearance, Clark drove Bergman’s car around, police said.

Phoenix police had already arrested Clark while interviewing him about Bergman’s disappearance. A search of his car turned up several stolen IDs, ABC Phoenix reported. He was arrested and charged with 22 counts of aggravated felony theft and two counts of forgery.

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