SAN DIEGO – Water quality issues at some San Diego beaches caused problems for many looking to get in the water during a hot and humid Labor Day weekend.

Imperial Beach once again was forced to post signs over the weekend, alerting the public to their contaminated water conditions.

“I’m not letting my kids go in the water,” Alan Yandall, an Imperial Beach resident said. “It’s at your own risk what you want to do, I wouldn’t.”

According to San Diego County’s Department of Environmental Health and Quality, the warning indicates the water and current are pushing bacteria north from the international border and the department recommends avoiding contact with the water, which may cause swimmers to get sick.

Similarly, the Ocean Beach Dog Beach was cleared of contamination and the warning signs were taken down just in time for the holiday — this after more than a week of contamination problems. Across town at the La Jolla Cove, county officials said the water quality is still improving as of Monday afternoon, but that it still has elevated bacteria levels.

“I’m curious to see if there is any side effects to that and if I will get sick because I just went in there and I didn’t even know,” Jennifer Roldan said. “I’m still going to go in because its extremely hot.”

Roldan said she didn’t mind the warning because she doesn’t have air conditioning in her home and came to the beach to cool off during this heat wave.

“I think the desperation of wanting to cool down has brought me here and regardless of the water,” Roldan said.

“A lot of people will not take consideration of it, they still go in the water, I mean we still do, regardless of what the signs say,” Grecia Alcala said.

Beaches with warning signs are tested daily. To get an update on the conditions, click HERE.