WATCH: Neighbors say street racers endanger East County neighborhood

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SAN DIEGO — Neighbors in Rancho San Diego say illegal racing is making their streets a dangerous place.

FOX 5 saw the reckless driving firsthand. As our reporter stood on a stretch of road where residents say high speeds are common, a BMW flew by, fishtailing around a corner before speeding off in the opposite direction.

The conditions are attractive for racers at Wieghorst Way, a straight road that runs a little more than a half-mile, where cars can often be spotted driving well over the 50 mile-per-hour speed limit.

“Particularly at night, night is worst time,” said one neighbor. “You can see the donuts in the intersection,” another told FOX 5.

“It’s an accident waiting to happen. Many people are walking their dogs — children are there,” said Bob Alexander, who lives near the road.

As FOX 5 covered a story about street racing on a stretch of road in Rancho San Diego, this BMW sped past our reporter, fishtailing around a corner and heading back in the opposite direction.

Neighbors voiced their concerns at a recent community meeting at Cuyamaca College hosted by County Supervisor Dianne Jacob. “It’s a public safety issue. It’s a disruption to the neighborhood and that’s just not right,” said Jacob.

Some believe a controlled environment is needed — like the RaceLegal drag races held at SDCCU Stadium, which shut down last month after more than 20 years — to draw racers off the street. The organization says it has secured new funding and hopes to start up the program again soon.

“It allowed people an opportunity, a place to go to race. I don’t think we’re going to eliminate street racing at all unless there’s a place for people to go, an inexpensive place, to be able to race their cars,” said Alexander.

Jacob says she plans to hold another community meeting soon with the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department to focus on the issue.

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