Watch: Local fishermen rescue drowning kayaker

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CARLSBAD, Calif. — A group of fishermen from Encinitas dove in after a kayaker Saturday as he struggled to stay above water in a Carlsbad lagoon.

Kile Dorman and his team, Halibut Hunters, were competing in the LP Fishing Supply Bass Tournament at Agua Hedionda Lagoon. Dorman said they were fishing from the shore when they saw the kayak flip over. One man swam to shore and the other man began to sink, Dorman said.

“We just saw his head go under and I was like, ‘That was his last breath. Someone better get to him now,'” Dorman told FOX 5.

Dorman said one of his friends, Nate Brown, was the first to jump in. Shortly after, he called for help and Dorman jumped in after him. In all, it took four of them to pull the kayaker to shore.

Another fisherman from their group caught the rescue on video. The kayaker could be heard thanking the fisherman.

Dorman said the man was winded but did not require medical attention. He had not been wearing a life jacket.

“You could tell he was very happy that that happened and that we were there,” Dorman said.

Dorman said he is a former lifeguard and knows the dangers of the lagoon. While some areas are designated for public use, Dorman said the kayakers were pushed by a strong current into the outer lagoon, which is off-limits to boaters.

“Over there it’s a different current so it swirls around and wants to pull you down not kick you to the side like a normal current,” Ron White, another fisherman, said. “So that’s why it was so hard to get everybody out of there.”

“I know all the currents and the rip toes and all that and how to get out of it , but this one put me to the test,” Dorman said.

Their good deed did not slow them down. Dorman said the Halibut Hunters took first place in the tournament. They encourage everyone on the water to take safety seriously and always wear a life jacket.

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