Prius passenger shoots at police during LA chase

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LOS ANGELES — A man suspected in the deadly shooting of a liquor store clerk was taken into custody after a wild pursuit and standoff in Los Angeles on Friday, KTLA reports.

The chase ended with the man exchanging gunfire with law enforcement and the driver surrendering.

Police identified the man Saturday as Dylan Andres Lindsey of Torrance.

The chase came to a halt around 2:45 p.m. in the Downey neighborhood, when the Prius became boxed in by other vehicles and was cornered by law enforcement.

While stopped, the passenger appeared to exchange gunfire with responding officers, at least one of whom was standing outside a patrol car with a weapon pointed toward the hybrid car, the aerial footage showed.

The armed passenger is a suspect in the fatal shooting of a Downey liquor store clerk, the Downey Police Department said.

The Prius briefly took off again before stopping a short distance away, with at least 11 patrol vehicles visible behind it. Soon after, the driver — a female — got out of the bullet-riddled car and surrendered.

She was placed in handcuffs just after 2:50 p.m., Sky5 video showed.

It was not immediately clear whether the woman was injured, but blood spots could be seen on her shirt.

She has not been identified.

A SWAT team and armored vehicles arrived on scene around 3:20 p.m. as the male passenger remained inside the car, Sky5 video showed.

He appeared to have opened fire during the chase, at one point leaning out the window and pointing a gun toward pursuing officers.

It was not known if any injuries connected to the incident have been reported.

The SWAT team would attempt to contact the passenger to see if he’ll surrender before they approach the Toyota, according to Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Deputy Armando Viera Jr.

A drone was also deployed in order to get a better look at what the passenger was doing inside, Viera said.

By 3:45 p.m., two armored vehicles were parked directly in front of and next to the car.

Less than 10 minutes later, a flash-bang went off near the driver’s side of the car, according to the aerial footage. A robot was then being sent toward the vehicle.

Video shows a K-9 leaping into the vehicle before officers were seen pulling the man out of the car at about 4:40 p.m.and appeared to be checking his vitals and wrapping a bandage around his head.

He did not appear to be moving.

The unidentified  suspect was then seen being transported onto an ambulance. His condition was unknown.

The man was wanted in the killing of Gurpreet Singh, 44, of Cerritos, at the ASL Liquor and Market at 8500 Paramount Blvd. Tuesday night, Downey Police told KTLA.

The Downey Police Department is handling the incident with the assistance of the Sheriff’s Department, but neither agency has released information, including what prompted the pursuit.

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