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SAN DIEGO — A woman was riding her bike when she was hit by an SUV near Ramona Wednesday morning, and the driver sped off with her bicycle stuck to the front grille.

The crash happened on State Route 67 near Dye Road, according to California Highway Patrol. Witnesses said an SUV swerved and hit the woman riding her bike, throwing her to the ground. The SUV driver kept going, speeding off with the bicycle stuck to its front grille.

Paramedics treated the cyclist, who was severely injured, while CHP and San Diego County Sheriff’s deputies helped clear traffic and start the investigation. A helicopter landed in a nearby field to airlift the woman to a hospital. She was taken to Palomar Medical Center in Escondido.

The SUV was described as a black 2019 Ford Edge, with a California license plate 8KPJ239. The driver was last seen on San Vicente Road, headed south at Hanson Lane. The bike eventually broke free as the drive made their way down SR-67, CHP said.

No arrests had been made late Wednesday morning. Investigators did not have a detailed description of the driver.

Anyone with information was urged to call Officer Wirth or Officer Harris at CHP’s El Cajon office: 619-401-2000.