WASHINGTON (Nexstar) — Republicans are left scrambling to choose a new Speaker of the House after ousting Kevin McCarthy.

The problem is the party is so divided, that it’s unclear if they can unite behind a single leader.

Ohio Congressman Jim Jordan says he’s the person who can unite the dueling factions of the Republican party.

“If I didn’t think I can do that, I wouldn’t run. And I also think I can take our message to the American people,” he said.

Republican Congressmen Steve Scalise and Kevin Hern say they too are running for House Speaker.

Former President Donald Trump says he’s willing to do “Whatever is necessary to help with the Speaker of the House process short term.”

But hurdles that could prevent Trump from serving as speaker include that he wants to continue his presidential campaign and that he’s facing felony indictments.

GOP House rules say members facing felony indictments can’t serve in Republican leadership. But it’s unclear if that applies to the House Speaker.

Congressman Bob Good, one of the Republicans who voted to oust McCarthy, says Republicans can unite.

“Once we elect that person, we will have a vested interest in his success,” he said.

But New York Democrat Dan Goldman is wary of the price to get far-right members in line with the rest of the GOP.

“What they are doing is cynical politics designed to actually sabotage our system,” he said.

Republicans are scheduled to vote for the next speaker on Wednesday.