George H.W. Bush, First Lady Barbara to get commemorative gold coins

Washington DC Bureau
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WASHINGTON — The House of Representatives on Monday passed the Bush Coin Act, which would put former President George H. W. Bush’s image on a dollar coin and his wife, First Lady Barbara Bush, on the First Spouse $10 commemorative coin.

Texas Republican Congressman Roger Williams said his friend and fellow Texan shared more than just a passion for America’s favorite pastime — they also shared a passion for politics.

“I wear this ring right now that has his name on it as being a member of the George H. Bush Award that I won for College Baseball Hall of Fame,” Williams said.

California Democrat Maxine Waters said the bill would put President Bush on a Presidential dollar coin, and the image of his wife, First Lady Barbara Bush, would be placed on a special gold coin.

“Their dedication to patriotism, service and to each other are an inspiration to us all,” Waters said.

The Bushes would join a long list of presidents honored this way. The President’s coin has his image on one side and the Statue of Liberty on the other.

The coins are expected to be minted and issued later this year.

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