Prankster dresses as waiter and feeds the homeless

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homelessDJ Sennett likes to prank people. His channel on YouTube, called the Public Prankster includes video of him pretending to drink Windex at a store to shock people, staging pot deals where actors trade actual cooking pots in place of drugs, and pulling a “Paranormal Activity” prank on a friend.

But his latest video, seen above, is nothing to laugh at. In fact, it may make you cry. Sennett dressed as a waiter and walked around Los Angeles handing out plates of food, silverware and glasses of water to the homeless.

He acts as if he’s just a server in a restaurant, bringing an order to a waiting customer.

“How’s it going sir?” Bennett asks an unsuspecting man sitting on a street corner. “I’ve got your chicken plate right here, and some water, with everything you need,” he says as he hands the man a plate off a silver tray.

After receiving a plate of chicken and macaroni and cheese, one man replied, “I used to eat like this; this will get me through the day.”


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