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SAN DIEGO (CNS) — A 20-person team of volunteers from International Relief Teams will cross into Tijuana early Saturday morning to help complete a home for a family in Mexico in just one day.

The Gonzalez-Valdez family lives in a shelter made of scrap material just south of the border in the San Nicolas colonia. They are one of hundreds of families in the informal settlement community with no running water or electricity, International Relief Teams said.

The San Diego-based International Relief Teams is dedicated to ending poverty and suffering and has sent more than 750 volunteers since 2016 to construct 28 homes for poor families in Mexico.

“Life is very challenging for these poor families,” said Barry La Forgia, founder and executive director of the organization. “IRT is dedicated to improving the quality of life for our neighbors in Tijuana and we are proud to give this family a safe place to raise their children.”

The structure the volunteer teams will erect in a single day will be a one-story 16-foot by 20-foot structure with an outhouse. It’s a basic structure, but for the Gonzalez-Valdez family — immigrants from Central Mexico looking for work — it could be life-changing.

“We dream of a home where we can live better, and in the future our grandchildren have something of their own and will not be out on the streets,” said the family’s matriarch, Olivia Gonzalez-Valdez.