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SAN DIEGO — A vocal Donald Trump supporter whose business was vandalized last month for his political views allegedly pointed a gun at a group of people who were caught damaging his Trump campaign sign.

“I have the right to put up any sign supporting my candidate of choice, as well as anyone else does,” said Trump supporter Taren Meacham.

Meacham was involved in an incident Wednesday night with a group of people who were damaging his property because of his support for Trump.

In surveillance video recorded Wednesday night, a group of people were seen in front of Meacham’s tattoo shop. They take notice of his Trump campaign sign, knock it down and begin to jump on it.

At some point during this incident, police told FOX 5, cell phone video was recorded by one of the people seen on the surveillance video. Investigators said it shows Meacham confronting the group and pointing a rifle at them.

“One of my biggest things are the first two amendments…I mean you got the firearms, which is the second amendment, but number one is the first amendment,” said Meacham.

Meacham is not denying the gun allegation, saying he felt threatened, but he didn’t want to talk much about the gun because of the ongoing investigation.

This is not the first time he’s had to deal with this type of political backlash. Since the Trump rally in San Diego Meacham has filed four police reports for anti-Trump vandalism and threats. Last month, FOX 5 spoke to him when anti-Trump vandals destroyed signs and windows at his business.

“From the moment I looked at the security camera, and saw everyone outside, the first thing I was thinking is what’s next? Bottle through the window, Molotov cocktail, especially since we’ve had the threats,” said Meacham. “It’s been gradually getting worse, and then within the last few attacks, it’s gotten extreme. ”

San Diego police told FOX 5 they are investigating two crime reports: one for the brandishing of a weapon and the other for the vandalism claims.

“They can point to me and say that I’m the extremist,but they’re the ones that keep doing the extreme acts of violence and destruction,” said Meacham.

The San Diego Police Department told FOX 5 they have an investigator doing follow up with both parties but so far there are no charges.