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SAN DIEGO – An urgent care clinic in Rancho Bernardo closed Monday after a suspected measles patient came for care.

The Sharp Rees-Stealy Rancho Bernardo Urgent Care at 1950 Via Tazon announced Monday morning that it was temporarily closed while staff investigated the possible measles case.

“The child had pretty extensive rash,” said Dr. Dan Smith, who heads up the Sharp Rees-Stealy Urgent Care. “He had some redness. That’s one of signs measles.”

The doctor, who first saw the child, immediately placed the patient in an isolated room and called the San Diego County Health Department to begin the infectious disease protocol.

“We immediately closed the clinic and stopped registering patients,” said Dr. Smith. “Patients that were here were asked to stay.”

After being tested for illness and offered the vaccine, people inside the clinic were allowed to go home but will be monitored over the next 21 days.

“We collected a lot of data so that we can contact them,”  said Dr. Smith.  “The test goes to county public health and we should have those results in 24 hours.”

This case comes as the county confirms three more new cases in North County San Diego, again connected to a December 18th visit to Disneyland. Several locations have been identified where the public may have been exposed.

Among the list:

  • The Vista community clinic,
  • Sprouts Farmers Market in Oceanside
  • Albertson’s Grocery store on El Camino Real in Carlsbad

Health officials are urging those who think they may have been exposed and have not been immunized to be extra vigilant of their health.

“The measles is respiratory illness,” explained Dr. Smith. “It is severe and can result in hospitalization and is highly contagious.”


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