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SAN DIEGO- Victims of prescription drugs are outraged by the company Urban Outfitters after the company started selling shot glasses with novelty drug labels.

PrescriptionDrugs“I can’t believe that this company can make a joke about mixing prescription drugs with alcohol,” said Sherri Ruben, a mother of an overdose victim.

Seven years ago, Ruben’s son Arron was a strong intelligent realtor, but after an Oxycotton overdose he nearly died.

Now, Arron requires around the clock care. Ruben said Urban Outfitter’s novelty prescription gag gifts are offensive and personally hurtful.

“I have sent letters made phone calls and emailed the company, but it’s been a month without a word,” she said.

Families of drug overdose victims have circulated a petition demanding Urban Outfitters removes the shot glasses and apologizes for the ordeal.

Fox 5 tried to contact Urban Outfitters, but did not receive a call back.